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Graphics by Rosie

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I am dozy_rose, and this is my graphics and fandoming journal/comm thing.

I am currently invloved in the smile_a_smile graphics contest comm which has a different contest each week. I'll put my entries up here when voting is over (it's all anon till then).

I created this so I could post random icons, graphics and fandom stuff and not spam my flist.

All screepcaps used are my own unless otherwise stated.

If you're looking for screencaps, here's a list of links:

Adventures in Time and Space for Doctor Who caps
The Institute for Torchwood
Sparklies for some really good high-def pics

I use the Icon Table Generator

Yay! I won something at smile_a_smile:

Thanks to wiccagal_1996 for the banner.

Layout orignally by tasha at premade_ljs with some modifications by me. Most obviously the banner and background.